Friday, June 12, 2009


This life, is lived in perfect symmetry

What i do, that will be done to me

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Timbang bola, timbang bola jugak

tp Muda ke tua....kematian x mengenal usia.....

*takziah utk arwah ammar zulkifli yg baru kembali ke Rahmatullah di Mesir (1988-2009)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Say It All ......

4th Of June - off to Kelantan

8th of June(10.00pm) - went home with Transnasional bus after spending 4 meaningful days (duduk Belakang skali ; pening kepala as i have to windstand the excessive vibrations eventhough i found the sit was so comfortable to be used for people who wanted to fall asleep)

9th of June(4.20 am) - arrived at Terminal Sementara, Butterworth

9th of June(9.14 am) - Mr Tokya yg baru pulang dari Jordan fetched me in front of my house as we're going to watch Pertandingan Nasyid Anti Dadah ; National level held at Sungai Petani) .....Actually, I really wanted to go because:

i)both of my ex-schools managed to represent their respective state for this competition ; SMKA al-irshad representing penang N SBPI kubang Pasu representing Kedah...Excellent..!!!
ii) my ex-school teachers(SBPIKP one) had been constantly reminding me to come and give support to the student
iii) my self-interest to listen tentang voicing2 nih....
iv) its location ; not so far from my house + someone had volunteered himself to drive ....(thank you la Syazwan Abu Bakar aka Tokya)
9th of June( 9.38am) - We fetched Mat Anod at Sungai Dua, about 12km from my house. Then, Syazwan Tokwa used highway to reach our destination through Sungai Dua exit. throughout the journey, i could observe using both of my naked eyes that the needle of the speedometer was always reaching around 140-160km/h...sbb nya nk kejar for the performance of SBPIKP students.....hhmm...but in my opinion,i, at all times, consider that the speed is not a problem. the main problem is all about the way how we drive our car. I would say that Syazwan is a good driver...haha....that's the main reason I always put the trust on him to drive me to anywhere as long as all four car tires could reach the land...(lari topik lagi...)
9th of June (10.03am) - we safely arrived at the place where the competition was held..SMK Teknik Sungai Petani 1.. I reached my backpack at the backseat and started runnin g towards the main hall... when I reached there, state holding angka giliran No 3 had started performing...& it was from Kedah....specifically from SBPI Kubang pasu.... extremely feeling nervous as i though I might had missed most of their performance...luckily, they had just only finisihed projecting their voices for intro2 jer.....hhhmmm....I found that I really2 enjoyed listening to both of their dadah songs. my friends also seemed to blissfully enjoy as I did.....because of that, i really2 hope they would be able to clinch the title of becoming the winner of 2009 PPDa carnival.....grand prize of RM1500 for the winner.....wuwuwuwuw.. ..their performance was also much2 better than any other states...tak dapat no 2 pon, paling kurang dapat no 1...

9th of June ( 1.30pm) - the competition was stopped for a while . actually, the competition was divided into two session.sesi pagi & sesi petang..half of the contestants had finished showing off their maximum capabilities in conveying messages to people to not abuse the actual use of drugs( mcm pening2 je ayat ni....)during the morning session..
we used this opportunity(the interval of these two session) to fulfill Tokya's dream of being able to eat Nasik kandar eventhough we initially planned to try RFC(radix fried chicken) . from outside of the shop, we could see that people were crazily queeing up for their turn.. it might take for hours before we could have our, we changed our plan and decided to go to Nasmir Nasi Kandar yg glamour tuh. Tokya,he complaint that he had not been able to eat nasi kandar for such a long long time..kt jordan x de....ada tp mungkin rasa yg totally or a bit different.. mkn la nasik kandar.....he was charged for RM 6.30 for his meal (nasi putih + ayam madu + 3 pieces of kacang bendi +nasi tmbh)..quite expensive..hhhmm...why should I have to remember about how much it cost for his meal....

9th june 2009 ( 2.30pm) - the evening session was started...persembahan2 agak hambar...x de persembahan that could really fascinate me except for 1 school yg ada ciplak lagu SMAP Kajang 2005 tp certain2 part jer+hall yg agak panas..hall tu should be built dgn aircond skali loh......sampai giliran ke 15 (second last), smgt dtg balik...yeah, Irshad's turn to perform.....hhhmm...malas nk komen...habes performance, tgkp2 gambar & bergerak pulang...

9th of june ( 5.30pm++) - singgah dkt Kiosk Bertam....minum dan hantar mat anod pulang ke rumahnya....

9th of june ( 7.24pm)- sampai rumah........waaaaahhhhh....PENAT......I'm totally DEAD BEAT tp masih sempat tulis semua menda nih....mungkin sbb it takes approximately 10-15 minutes to type all these things.....hhhmm

*Syazwan Tokya has just bought a brand new DSLR which can record video with HD resolution......wawawawa....Nikon D5000 yg baru berumum 3-4 hari but i really do not know how to handle Nikon thingy very well because i still don't get used to it.......x biasa....I have set my mind-set to not try to learn on how to use camera other than Canon kowt........

Monday, June 1, 2009

Say It !

When you said what you wanna say

And you know the way you wanna say it

You'll be so high you'll be flyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing