Thursday, August 27, 2009

A place where thousands of Buku Book & Kitab are kept............

Spending nearly 5 beneficial hours (from 11.00am-4.12pm)at Seberang Jaya Public Library agak2nya sgt menarik....sbbnya:

>>>managed to register for the 1-year membership kt library with the main aim of using the electric socket on the wall( nk charge laptop la) sahaja.... it costs only about Rm2.00 per year..if u're not one of the member, u need to pay Rm2.00/hour to use the socket.....niat nk pinjam buku2 lansung belum terlintas lg...( kaya library ni dgn RM6.00; syahmi suraini, ejad & myself dh jd ahli!!)

>>>managed to get some rough ideas bout IA to learn on how to use Geometer sketchpad, graph & apetah

>>> managed to experience one of the coolest day of my life kt penang....Hujan spanjang hari ditambah aircond yg mencecah 15degree

>>> yg tu jer...thanx to Syahmi,ejad,Skod & liyana for sharing ur thought & ideas psl IA math


Usamah said...

nice lovers

Dai said...

siyes? ak g library tuh brapa taon dulu 2 hingget je~